Donor Honor Roll


The Angel Fund could not exist without the many generous donations we have received.  (listed in Alphabetical order)

​Thank you........

Agnes Gund Foundation

Annie & Armin in memory of "Fisher"

Joni & Joseph Aveni
Ty Barr

Annie & Armin Baur (to honor Skip & Liz Olmstead's miracle dog, Fisher)
Robert & Laura Benn

Kevin Bergeson
Mrs Roger (Brook) Berlind

Linda & Michael Biello

Tina Biello
Doris Boulard
Kristen Bradle
Lisa Brooks
Ryan Brown
Sherry Buczek
Ann Burton
Barbara Cantacuzino & Roxy
Joan Capanna
Patty Carretta

Dorothy Cherry Cerise
Charlie and Anne Chapin

Carolyn Checovetes
Madeleine Collins

​Dick Connor in memory of Stephanie Robbins

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Cornell
Laura Courtney
Douglas Cramer- In honor of Sutton Cramer & Buster Von Hammers

Nancy & J. Chris Cunningham

Lisa & Edwin Dalton
Marion Day-Seegers
Frank Dealy

Diamond Creek Kennels

Dominic Dinunzio
Alexandra Dipentima
Brenda Farrell
Darcy Bentley Frisch -In memory of our friend "Belle Starr Chapin"
Richard Giles
Andrew Gordon

John Henkel
Jane-Howard Hammerstein- In honor of Sioux Tazza

Marjorie Hewett

Maureen Z. Hurley
Susan Jeanfavre
Joan Kaplan

The Karlson Family Foundation

Thomas & Sandra Keane
Nora Kenney
Suzanne & Brian Knight
Barbara Kohn

Shirley Kreidel
Ethel Krenkel
Raymond Langmaid
Denis and Ann Leary
Lisa Lillis
Jeanne Lovrin

James & Amy Lyons

The MacMillans- In honor of "Molly"

Joyce Maisano
Jennifer Metcalf

Alice Miller

Wendell & Florence Minor
April Montgomery

Christopher & Karne Montmeny
Michael Moran

James & Stephanie Murphy- In memory of Pamela Taylor
Laura & Perry Neminski "For all of your gifts, we donate in honor of Jane-Howard Hammerstein"
Linda Nacinovich & Elaine Debet-Fricke- In honor of "Barney"

Linda Nacinovich & Elaine Debet-Fricke- In memory of Marilyn Hughes
James O'Donnell
Nicole Olivapotenza
Vi Philip
Marilyn Pinard
Elizabeth Rea
Anita Regan
Jeffrey Scott Romley & Addie & Willie
The Benjamin M. Rosen Family Foundation
Robert Rowland

Bernadette & Larry Schopfer, in memory of each of the following: 

  • Lenox, who was a treasured member of Navy Djonovic's family
  • Buddha, who was a treasured member of Dan and Becky Lansen's family
  • Caspien, who was a treasured member of John Nunes' family

Nancy Schroeder-Martingano
Leann Slaymaker
Stephen Sondheim & Addie & Willie

John & Paula Spatola
Mrs. Walter P. Sy- In Memory of Sherman
Sophie Tibbatts 

Charlene & Alfred Wendland
James Whitlock
Alicia D. Zalka (In recognition of Anne Chapin's devotion to Aspen) 
Susan Zimny 

*Donations may be sent to The Aspetuck Angel Fund, Inc., P.O. Box 2488, New Preston, CT  06777